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Our Services

Providing Aged Care Services to our Community

Murravale aims to provide a homelike, safe and supportive environment. We take great pride in offering our Consumers and the community a fully accredited aged care facility with an outstanding reputation for personalised care to all our Consumers.


Three meals each day, can be taken in the dining room or in own room. Special diets catered for.


Seasonal Monthly Menus guided by Resident choice and feedback.


Care Plan developed in consultation with the Registered Nurse.


Assistance to organise transport for dental and/or specialist appointments.


Established garden facilities, including a dementia specific pathway.


Kitchenette for Consumers and family members to access.


24 hour emergency call button in each unit.


Assistance with showering, bathing, dressing and personal care.


Specialised nursing care.


Ongoing treatment for health problems.


Room cleaning.


Activity Program.


Laundry facilities.


Outdoor sitting area.


Prior to admission, an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) must assess all potential Consumers to see that the level of care we can provide will meet the individual’s requirements. Priority of admission is determined by level of urgency.

We realise that the decision to come into residential care is not an easy one. All staff will endeavour to make a Consumers transition as easy as possible. Upon admission, the registered nurse will discuss your needs with you and a Care Plan will be developed. A Care Plan identifies specific needs that inform staff and enable them to provide the best level of care. This Care Plan is reviewed frequently and modifications made with the Consumers input.

Nursing Care Plans and Personal Care

Murravale is staffed 24 hours a day with access to a registered nurse.  Care is delivered commensurate with Consumers individual needs and preferences.  More information can be obtained by speaking with Management.

After admission the Registered Nurse will work with the Consumer to develop a Care Plan.  The Care Plan identifies the individual needs of the Consumer which will inform the way in which the Care Service Staff can assist the Consumer.  Care Plans are reviewed regularly to reflect a Consumers ongoing needs.

The Care Plan assessment is comprehensive, including topics such as sleep, food preferences and lifestyle preferences.  They can take several days to finalise. The information provided in the Resident’s Lifestyle Assessment will be compiled by the Activities Officer and used to tailor appropriate activities for the Consumer.

Health Services

On admission, you will be asked your choice of preferred Doctor to attend to your health needs whilst you are at Murravale.

The Doctor in Murrurundi is Dr Luqman Nasar, who attends Murravale weekly.

Families or representatives are asked to take Consumers to all appointments as required.  Doctors, Dentists and other Specialist appointments out of town are the Consumers responsibility, however, the Registered Nurse can assist in arranging these for the Consumer along with transport to them if relatives or representatives are unable to do so.  The Consumer will be required to meet any associated costs.  Staff may at times request that a Consumer see a Doctor.  This will be arranged in-house and families notified. Please note that in an emergency situation the Consumer will be transferred to hospital by ambulance.


To ensure that Consumers receive correct medications Murravale has introduced the Webster Pack System for all Consumers. Murrurundi Pharmacy supplies medication for this system and places the medications into the Webster Packs.

Mobility Aids

Consumers are encouraged to provide their own mobility aids which have been assessed and fitted properly by an Occupational Therapist. Mobility equipment including wheelchairs and walking frames are available for loan to Consumers who do not have their own (assessment and fitting to be carried out by an Occupational Therapist prior to use).

Night Time Attention

Two staff are rostered for night shift and all Consumers are regularly checked throughout the night. Consumers are encouraged to use their buzzers if they require assistance during the night.

Meals and Menus

Meals are prepared at Murravale and are served in the main dining room at the following times:

  • Breakfast – 8.00am
  • Morning Tea – 10.00am
  • Lunch – 12.00pm
  • Afternoon tea – 2.30pm
  • Tea – 5.30pm
  • Supper – 8.00pm

Should Consumers require a hot or cold drink staff are happy to assist.  Due to health and safety regulations Consumers are not permitted in the main kitchen area.  However, if Consumers wish to entertain their visitors they are welcome to utilize the kitchenette facilities located in the activities room. Tea and coffee provisions are provided.

Murravale has four week rotating menus, which change to suit the seasons. Consumers are requested to give input when new menus are formulated. All menus are checked to be nutritionally sound. Fruit is available on request.

All food storage, handling and preparation is carried out by staff with strict adherence to related Federal and State legislation and guidelines.

Activities and mixing with the local community

Murravale has an Activities Coordinator who runs a regular activity program with a variety of activities and trips to interest all. Consumers are encouraged to participate in activities if they wish. Monthly outings may attract a small fee to cover transport and meal costs.

Murravale encourages Consumers to maintain their community links by continuing to attend meetings and club activities. Consumers may be required to meet transport costs to and from.

List of Activities and Services
  • Outings/BBQs
  • Hairdresser
  • Religious services – weekly
  • Crafts
  • Entertainers
  • Visits to/from local schools
  • Library
  • Videos
  • Bingo
  • Exercise Program

Suggestions for additional activities are welcome.

Emotional Support

If at any time Consumers would like to access the services of a counselor this can be arranged.  Please notify the Registered Nurse or Operational Manager.

Visiting Clergy and Church Services

Regular Church services at Murravale include:

  • Anglican – Every Monday @ 10am
  • Catholic – 3rd Wednesday@ 10am

Visiting clergy include Ministers from the Anglican and Catholic Churches.  The Registered Nurse or Operational Manager can facilitate this.