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About Us

Providing Aged Care Services to our Community

Murravale Retirement Home Ltd is situated in beautiful Murrurundi, in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW. Murravale is a 25 bed low and high care facility with 24 permanent rooms and one respite room.

Murravale Retirement Home Ltd is a community-owned and operated non-profit enterprise which provides a high standard aged-care facility to the district. The Murravale Board of Directors overseer the management and operation of the Retirement Home on behalf of the Murrurundi community.

Murravale aims to provide a homelike, safe and supportive environment. We embrace the following values as central to our work:

  • Respect for the dignity and human rights of all our clients.
  • Listening and responding to our Residents needs’ and consulting them on all major decisions which will affect Consumer’s quality of life.
  • Service delivery standards that meet or exceed industry best practice.
  • Sustainable and equitable working conditions for our staff and volunteers.
  • Accountable service to our clients and the community.

The staff team have a holistic approach focusing on continuation of quality of life through our individual assessment, care plan and activities program. Murravale is a residence for older people who are unable to remain in their own home and require some assistance with daily living.

Our Vision

Murravale is a community owned and supported facility and our vision is to provide our community with high-quality, affordable and flexible aged care services and activities within our community.

Our Mission

To offer our Consumers a range of care options of the highest standard. Our mission is designed to maintain and nurture their dignity, health, happiness and participation in the community.

The Board of Management

The Executive of Murravale is elected annually at an Annual General Meeting held in November each year. Each of the Executive members has a relevant background and demonstrated expertise in at least one of the following:  aged care, health service provision, management of a small business or financial management.  These positions are voluntary.

Our Staff

The Management Team at Murravale consists of:

  • General Manager: Jo Bailey
  • Operations Manager: Di Van Balen

The Management Team’s combined expertise and knowledge in nursing, aged care and management provide Murravale Residents with the best quality service and care. They supervise the work of all staff working at Murravale.

Our care staff include:

  • Care Service Employees. Provide assistance with personal and clinical care and any other needs Residents may have.
  • Catering Staff.
  • Laundry/Cleaning Staff.
  • Maintenance/Gardener.
  • Activities Officer.
  • Registered Nurse.

Staff monthly meetings provide opportunity for staff to address and implement continuous improvement of services and facilities at Murravale.